Saturday, November 29, 2008

Life in the fat lane

Ahhhh yes my friends ahhh yes. In true fat girl fashion I have managed to bite off more than I can chew. Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned and it has been nearly 2 months since my last entry.

My time has been absolutely consumed with with work, school, family and oh yeah...a little vacation to good ol' Las Vegas. We went for my best girl Gina's birthday...and even though I've been there before, I now have full understanding of why they call it Sin City!

That's a picture of me and my Honey in front of New York New York. We're sight see-ers not gamblers. :)

After vacation I spent most of my time trying to make up for the time I lost while I was away...and boy does work pile on quickly! Then there was school, family, life, relationship, more work and oh yeah...HALLOWEEEEEN!!!

Then shortly after that, was my biggest challenge yet...I had signed on to walk a half-marathon...yup 13.1 miles of foot-pounding fun! I'm being sarcastic of course. It was fun for about the first six miles, then all I could think of was..."didn't the first guy to run 26.2 miles DIE?! And now people are PAYING to do this to themselves?! What the hell am I doing?! This stinks! I'm tired! I want to go home!"

Then I reached mile 10... passed mile 13... and when I was finally in the .1 homestretch I thought "I did it! I pushed through the cramps and the pain from my feet...I'm almost there! Now where the hell is that stupid finish line?!?!?!!"

But there it was...the finish line. And there at the end was my best friend Gina (she walked the half-marathon too, but was faster than me), my dear Mamma and my Honey. The sense of pride overcame me and as my Mamma held up the sign she had made for me that read "You did it! Go Libby!" I couldn't hold back my tears. And neither could my Mamma. It was a terrific feeling!

Then reality hit again when I took my first step after all the hugs. Ouch!! Darn leg cramps!!

But all in all I feel very accomplished, and now that I've written another entry...even more so. I'm almost done with this semester of school, my job moved offices so we're now located downtown (thank goodness) and I've just signed on to a one year lease in a fabulous new apartment!

My diet has sort of fell by the wayside, but with my new job location and new apartment, I plan on doing a LOT more walking as I live only 1 mile away from work! :)

I've already ordered and received my birthday dress and there is a lot of work that I need to do in order to fit into it by my birthday...but if I can accomplish a half-marathon despite cramps and blistered feet, putting down that burger and grabbing a salad should be easy as pie! Well, sugar/fat-free pie that is! ;)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Off to a crawling start...

There I was all full of hope and determination with Gloria Gaynor's "I will survive" running through my head as I put my dieting hat on and set forth on my goal. But just as I firmly planted my feet in the "start" position, I quickly tripped over my laces...metaphorically speaking. Yes my first week of dieting has been a bust. And I'm scared my second will soon follow suit.
Being a part-time student and full-time employee has proven to be quite the challenge as I've tried to incorporate some sort of exercise into my already busy schedule. And having to eat on the go hasn't helped either. Believe me, I've tried finding a half-decent salad at a fast food restaurant but those fried chicken fingers, french fries and cream gravy sound much more satisfying!

This past week I've had extremely long days followed by greasy fattening dinners at nearly 9:30 in the evening...that's usually what time I get home. So just enough time to shove something down my throat, get clothes, school work, and lunch ready for the next day. Back to sleep. Repeat.

Yup, that's pretty much how it's been. Oh, and this weekend I had two kids parties to go to where the menu included: hot dogs, nachos, hamburgers, chips, sodas, cupcakes, ice cream and birthday cake. And...well my friends...I of course HAD to indulge in all of the fare would have been rude of me not to! ;)

So here I am...a new week and hopefully a new start. I plan on going out of my way for lunch today in order to get a very decent very tasty salad in hopes of rejuvenating my spirit.

I only hope that this week will be better!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New kid on the blog

Well now that you know my story and my goal, and if you've read my profile you know a little bit about me...let me tell you a little something about my experience with blogging.

I have none.

My dear friend the Blond Duck so graciously assisted me with the design and format of my precious little blog, and went so far as to give it its wonderful title. (I must give credit where credit is due) She's even gone so far as to announce my little bloggie on her very established and wonderful blog. And thus has introduced her "invisible friends" to my very new, still an infant little bloggie.

So my new and dear friends, welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay, and I hope you'll come back for a visit from time to time. If I was able to give you cupcakes and hugs for each time you came me I would!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The girl, the dress, the date

It all begins with me...little ol' me and my aspiration to outdo every previous birthday celebration. I've done "black and pink attire required," "burgers and beer," and yes my favorite "Totally 80's skating" (see above picture). My 21st birthday even fell on FAT TUESDAY, (the whole country celebrated in drunken debauchery with me).

But this birthday is different, this birthday is even more special than all previous birthdays. For this birthday I will be 30.

Instead of dreading the date, and pining over all of the goals I have yet to reach by this age...I've decided to embrace my age, and celebrate all of my 30 years that I have graced the earth with my presence (can you tell I'm still trying to convince myself) and throw myself the biggest bash this side of the Rio Grande!!! With a little help from one of my best girls of course. Thanks Miranda!

Now first things first my friends...any woman knows that if there is going to be a party in your honor, you're going to need an outfit. And not just any old outfit will do...oh no my dears. This has got to be an outfit for the AGES. And I found it....

There it was, right in front of me on a syndicated Sex and the City perfect pink party dress.

Now mind you my friends, I am NO stick figure Carrie Bradshaw, and in NO way can I afford this exact Oscar de la Renta beauty. But when there's a dress...there's a way.

I searched websites high and low, I perused catalogs, and shoppers, and sales racks and high end fashion stores. Then one day, as I was helping the lovely Miranda find a birthday dress for herself...there it was. Smack dab on the Target Mr. Isaac Mizrahi himself. My perfect pink party dress.

Then I was hit with what felt like a ton of ham hawks...the dress' largest available size was two sizes smaller than what I currently wear!!! For shame!

It was then I's now or never sweetie...I need that dress...I need to lose the weight to fit into that dress...I need to wear that dress on my super kick ass 30th birthday party.

So, I put down my half-eaten burger (and took a goodbye bite for good measure) and decided to embark on my journey of shedding the pounds to fit into the dress of my dreams... I wonder what shoes I'm gonna wear?